Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time flies

Is it really 11:15pm on Sunday night? This weekend has flown by. We just finished cleaning up the kitchen from dinner. It was a disaster from the 5-course dinner we had with our friends Melina & Clive.

The Menu
Shrimp Bruschetta on hubby's ciabatta.

Sweet Potato Ravioli with home made pasta on new pasta maker

Mixed Greens with persimmon, walnuts, & pomegranate with balsamic vinaigrette

3 cheese course with more ciabatta

Pear Crisp

Riva di Rocca Prosecco
Ponzi Pinot Noir 2006

The hubby and I did the first two courses and Melina & Clive did the last 3 courses. It was a very fine feast, with lively conversation & great company.

Time for bed.

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