Friday, March 27, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Me, Mom & Dad
Topanga Canyon, CA

Thursday, March 26, 2009

If you see a painted sign

on the side of the road

that says 16 miles to the Love Shack
little shack

Shaque l'Amour
love shack

Sit awhile on the front porch
front porch

or Come on in
enter here

and have a drink
Welcome to our saloon

Play a tune & take a spin on the dance floor
and enjoy the music

The boudoir beckons

Gig 'em...that's Aggie lingo for you know what.
gig 'em

If it gets too hot come and rock on the back porch
back porch

or get hotter (if you know what I mean)
love tub

The whole time the jukebox keeps playing and playing
play me

on the jukebox

on the wurlitzer stereophonic

pick a tune

now playing

insert coin

This is Sully's Place at the 7F Lodge. It really was a Love Shack.

Here's the description

This is our newest addition to 7F and one of our larger cabins. It boasts an 80 sq. ft. dance floor, complete with a loaded 1959 Wurlitzer jukebox, and plenty of neon bar signs reminiscent of some popular Aggie college hang-outs. Relax on the 9 ft. couch indoors or in the private, two-person heart-shaped Jacuzzi tub on the screened-in back porch. The cabin includes a separate bedroom with a queen-sized bed and Aggie memorabilia. The private bathroom has a rustic shower and a separate "stall" — without the long lines! The front porch has a relaxing porch swing and the back porch includes two rockers. Relive your college memories, or make some new memories in this unique cabin.

The festivities for Cookie and Kiss brought a lot of family into town, so the hubby and I decided to get a room. It is not often enough when we don't sleep with a dog between us. We were very excited when I stumbled upon the the 7F Lodge. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about our experience there. It was very secluded and romantic. We were stocked with breakfast pastries and other goodies. They will even supply wine and roses if you want them. No children or dogs are allowed and Love Rules at the 7F. Who knew knew such an incredibly romantic oasis was hiding in College Station, Texas?! Seriously it is the middle of nowhere and that is definitely one of it's charms. The best part of our stay was getting up in the morning and slow dancing on the dance floor to Willie Nelson singing All of Me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Putting Things Together

Upon arriving in Houston, Carla and I went to Ikea. She was ready to get some shelving and knew exactly what she wanted. We picked up the Expedit on Thursday afternoon. Wouldn't you know she picked out the biggest dang bookshelf she could find? It came in three separate boxes!!!

Good thing I came to town...
because the instructions show you need a friend to assemble.

Friday morning it was time to get down to business.

Mira really isn't helpful.
Mira helps

chew off

Carla's foot
She was chewing Carla's toes off, running off with the all important dowels, and diving through the cardboard boxes and paper, and just causing a ruckus the entire time.

almost done have to love their stuff, but dang it when you got to put it together. Granted we were humming along until almost the very end. This sucker came with 50 dowels!!! But dagnabit you know we busted off three or four right in the holes! This required emergency bookshelf surgery. We busted out the drill (STAT!) and redrilled the holes. But Ikea gives you just the number of required parts for assembly, no extras for emergency surgery and the repairs. The clock was ticking because the hubby was coming to town and we were meeting him at the airport. I jumped in the shower for a rinser. (Assembly made me shvitz) Carla ran over to the Home Depot for more dowels. I packed my bags. She got the guy to cut the dowels. She got home and we finished that book shelf just in time for us to hit the road and meet Joe.

We didn't get the chance to spend a lot of time together this visit, but we were very productive in that time. As always there were big laughs and loads of memories. The two of us got that BIG ole bookshelf done and up. I took home a few bruises as well. That Expedit beat the crap out of me!

Carla got to work and prettied it up right after I left.

Don't it look nice?
If you want to see what other people do with their Expedit bookshelves check out this flickr pool.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And Finally....

Kiss and Cookie's First Birthday!

Of course 2 smash cakes are absolutely necessary.
(Shhh Mom really bought 4, plus a sheet cake.
She's funny that way and she really likes cake!)

one cake
One for Cookie

two cake
and one for Kiss.

Now the funny thing about those cakes

i;m not sure about this
is that they did not like them at all.
(No one else ate any cake either.
Don't worry kids, your Fairy Godmother will make cake
next year with tasty homemade frosting!)

Warning: Much cuteness now showing!

Friday, March 13, 2009


One year ago today, two precious babies were born

with all their fingers

and all their toes

Two completely perfect beings.

Love you. Love you.


Beach, 1970

more photos

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where am I?

Hi Everyone! Life has been crazy lately. So much to do and so little time. Time management is not my strong point, so I haven't had much time to blog.

Guess where I am? I am in Houston hanging out with my gal pal Carla! This morning I was awake before daylight, only to get to the airport and find out that my plane was delayed. Luckily they fixed the plane and I got here an hour and a half later than planned. I am not sure why but baggage claim at IAH is always slow. Today it was super slow, like slow as molasses slow, like I waited a half an hour just to get my bags. It was all right, traffic was terrible and Carla was running late too.

We have been to Ikea and Target and a new restaurant and an old restaurant. Mira is still one helluva maniacal cat. It is really rainy and really cold but we are having a good time! As always.

Carla says helloooo!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Gran's 81st Birthday (February, 1971)
back left to right: Aunt Mary Lynne, Grandma's arm, Mom, Robert, Aunt Pat, and Cory.
bottom left to right: Great Gran and me.

This is my Great Grandmother's 81st birthday party. She was known as Great Gran to me. I am four years old and have no recollection of the party. It looks like the party is at my Great Aunt Pat's house. I think my dad probably took this photo. I am clearly more interested in looking at everyone's faces rather than at the cameras. There are four generations in this photo.

One of the details of the photo that I love is the little bit of chandelier in the upper right hand corner. Of course, I just love seeing a slice of my family. My Great Gran lived another 24 years and I do remember being at the parties for years 90 and up.

For more Vintage Photos.

Note to Mom, if you remember any details of this party please share.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Cheryl Ann,

You are still as cute as a button.

Big hugs & kisses.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Busy Hands Happy Heart

This is what is on my knitting needles.
Noro Silk Garden


fun stuff
Noro Silk Garden 84 & 246
Yes it is that scarf.

It is a mindless knit project, which is where my mind wants to be lately when knitting. The revealing colors is what keeps this scarf so fascinating and entertaining. The simplicity of the pattern, the busyness of my hands, and the parade of colors that Noro provides gives me the sense of satisfaction and happiness I need right now from my knitting.

Week One: Vegan 'til Six
Salad with quinoa, kidney beans, carrots, and avocado

What I have observed so far is that it is not a hard change to make. Breakfast has been either cereal or oatmeal. The oatmeal is the yummiest. We put dried fruits and applesauce in it. For lunches there is salads and soups. Dinner is easy...whatever we want. The hardest part for me is the snacking. I am a snacker and cannot go for long periods without something to eat. So far the snack list includes popcorn, raw almonds, an apple, applesauce, or Ryvita with almond butter.

On Sunday, at the Farmer's Market I got an ear of roasted corn. I ate it plain. No butter. No pepper. No spices. It was so delicious. Just plain sweet and corny. I think we sometimes forget what things taste like in their simplicity because we load up on things like butter and salt. Don't get me wrong, I love butter and salt, but to taste the pure taste of the vegetable...oh it's good. The same can be said for the plain baked sweet potato I had later in the day. A sweet potato has so much flavor it really doesn't need enhancing. I love it when I am reminded of the simple goodness that presents itself in everyday life. I especially love it when food tastes fresh and bright. Asparagus is coming into season and it tastes sooo good. We had grilled asparagus with our dinner on Sunday night. It was delicious.

From eating this way I have found that I am less bloated than I was. So has the hubby. Other than that I have not noticed anything different in the body so far. I am liking the way this is going and will carry on.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Husband declares Love

for Ben Roethlisberger

Last night we decided to go to Loteria Grill's new restaurant on Hollywood Blvd. Our house is down the street from Grauman's Chinese Theater, which is famously on Hollywood Blvd. Last night there was a Monday night premiere of Watchmen. (Monday night? Weird.) The westbound side of the street was blocked to traffic but the eastbound side drove right past the red carpet so we had a great view. We mostly saw the backs of starlets as they worked the press line. We recognize no one. As we got toward, what was the beginning of the red carpet, my hubby says to me, "There is Ben Roethlisberger!!"

I look and reply, "That is Ben Roethlisberger."

He then proceeds to roll down the window and shout very loudly,




Me...I am dying and shrinking down in my seat. I am nervously laughing as a police officer shines a flashlight into our car. A few moments earlier we were slightly mocking the people standing on the opposite side of the street trying to snap a picture of whomever is in this movie and the next my hubby becomes one of those people. A bona fide FAN. For a second, I thought he might jump out of the car, which he is driving, to give Ben a hug.

We move on. He calls a friend. He has to share.
He laments the fact that he doesn't have a Terrible Towel in the car, so that he could have made a bigger spectacle of himself.
The excitement runs all through dinner.

Yeah, I am married to that guy.

Monday, March 02, 2009


What's better than one pompom?
another puff

two for the show
Double decker style.

Whipped up another Puff Daddy for the Cure.
One was just not enough.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Cibo is Italian for "food" or "grub".

CHEEBO is our local neighborhood joint where we eat at least once a week. Lately it's been every Friday night eating an early bird special like senior citizens. I guess we are gliding in that direction so why the heck not have an early dinner. They make an amazing pizza. Me and my pizzaiolo love to have it here when not cooking it up at home. My favorite is the sausage and fennel pizza. Breakfast lunch or dinner is always good. We love having omelettes with a side of quinoa for breakfast or big panini sandwiches or maybe a salad for lunch. It's cozy. We get to color on the paper table cloths. They make their own potato chips. They always have a good wines by the glass. We love it.

What's your local go-to-joint that always satisfies?