Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Busy Hands Happy Heart

This is what is on my knitting needles.
Noro Silk Garden


fun stuff
Noro Silk Garden 84 & 246
Yes it is that scarf.

It is a mindless knit project, which is where my mind wants to be lately when knitting. The revealing colors is what keeps this scarf so fascinating and entertaining. The simplicity of the pattern, the busyness of my hands, and the parade of colors that Noro provides gives me the sense of satisfaction and happiness I need right now from my knitting.

Week One: Vegan 'til Six
Salad with quinoa, kidney beans, carrots, and avocado

What I have observed so far is that it is not a hard change to make. Breakfast has been either cereal or oatmeal. The oatmeal is the yummiest. We put dried fruits and applesauce in it. For lunches there is salads and soups. Dinner is easy...whatever we want. The hardest part for me is the snacking. I am a snacker and cannot go for long periods without something to eat. So far the snack list includes popcorn, raw almonds, an apple, applesauce, or Ryvita with almond butter.

On Sunday, at the Farmer's Market I got an ear of roasted corn. I ate it plain. No butter. No pepper. No spices. It was so delicious. Just plain sweet and corny. I think we sometimes forget what things taste like in their simplicity because we load up on things like butter and salt. Don't get me wrong, I love butter and salt, but to taste the pure taste of the vegetable...oh it's good. The same can be said for the plain baked sweet potato I had later in the day. A sweet potato has so much flavor it really doesn't need enhancing. I love it when I am reminded of the simple goodness that presents itself in everyday life. I especially love it when food tastes fresh and bright. Asparagus is coming into season and it tastes sooo good. We had grilled asparagus with our dinner on Sunday night. It was delicious.

From eating this way I have found that I am less bloated than I was. So has the hubby. Other than that I have not noticed anything different in the body so far. I am liking the way this is going and will carry on.

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