Friday, February 23, 2007

LOVE monkey

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For my Sweet Babu
a LOVE monkey

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And for Mama
a LOVE puppy

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Yes I have been stuffing all my feelings of love into little creatures. Who knew that out of scraps and socks you could create something so cuddly and fun. Well the doxy isn't that cuddly but when you have a real live cuddle pup who loves to spoon you can't ask for much more.

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Fast Knit: Calorimetry

Looking for fast and easy. Jump on the calorimetry bandwagon and knit one up for yourself.

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I used Nashua Wooly Stripes, which only has 88 yards, so I ran out of yarn for the bind off row. Luckily I had a little bit of purple Nashua left over from another project. I just have to weave in the ends (BAH!), sew on a button and I will be sporting my new look. Right now I am trying to figure out which is the front and which is the back. I think the purple edge is the back edge. Don't you love the way the stripes knit up? Go to for the pattern.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fair Isle Fun

My first foray into fair isle has been sitting in the WIP pile for the last year. It was a Rowan pattern sweater by Lucinda Guy and not knit in the round. I thought it would be fast and easy because it was knit with Big Wool. I thought I would get to play with cables and learn fair isle and intarsia. But I was so wrong. Oh so wrong. For the life of me, I could not figure out how to strand and purl with the two strands of yarn. With frustration it got tossed into the pile of other woebegone projects.

This week I found myself needing a new project. I checked out the WIP pile. I even saw that sweater that gave me so much trouble. Phooey. I needed something fresh.

So a visit to was in order. The first pattern to pop up was Center Square.
Okay, time to give the fair isle another shot.
Here's how it turned out.

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The yarn is Katia Flexi. The fair isle wasn't hard at all in the round. In fact it was down right fun. I think my stranding came out pretty uniform and it took me two days to knit it up. It's a success story. I may have another look at that dastardly sweater that taunts me from the bottom of the basket.