Monday, June 29, 2009

One of the Best Things in L.A.

One of the best things to do in Los Angeles during the summer is the Hollywood Bowl.

You grab a bottle of wine (or two), pack a picnic with your favorite eats (don't forget dessert), and enjoy one of the most beautiful music venues in the world outdoors and under the stars.

The Summer Season opened the weekend before last. The hubby and I were there that first Sunday. The incredible line up was Raphael Saadiq, Santigold, and Femi Kuti. People were up and dancing and enjoying every minute of amazing music. With this particular line up you could not help but get off your feet and shake a tail feather.

Last night we were there to see this incredible young woman.

The line up for the evening Janelle Monae, Chaka Khan (as a last minute sub for an ailing Etta James), and Adele. Janelle was new to me and she put out a great set. Chaka Kahn, is freakin' Chaka Khan. Hello. I feel for you! But really and truly it was Adele's night. This was the largest venue she has ever played and she was nervous. Occasionally she forgot the words, even to her favorite song, that she professes to sing in the shower. But her enthusiasm, excitement, and easy banter charmed us all. However, it was her amazing voice that rose and fell and filled the night. It was a sold out show and everyone was there to see this newcomer on the music scene. Everyone there knew the songs and wanted to sing along. But this was not the case. Here is the testament to her performance, people were shushing each other and there was near silence in the bowl as people listened, really listened to her powerful voice with it's wonderful phrasing as it conveyed her beautiful words of heartache and love. She captivated the night and I truly believe I saw a young performer blossom into a powerful presence. She is not one to watch but one to see. Her star has risen.

Photos were courtesy of Flickr and 1: Hollywood Bowl by The Flying Enchilada (I chose this shot because it was taken by the Flying Enchilada. I don't know why but that tickles me). 2:Opening Night Gala'08 at the Hollywood Bowl by Gypsy D

Friday, June 26, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Kiss & Cookie - March 2009

This is soooo not vintage. It's faux vintage...only the look and feel seem vintage. These are my adorable god babies posing in their 1 year photos. The photos came in the mail today and since I didn't have anything else queued up for the VPF I had to share. Isn't Cookie's outfit too much? The cap just sends me over the moon. And the bicycle...I hear Rain drops keep fallin' on my head playing in my mind.

He is also wearing the owl vest I knit for him at Christmas time. It's the Owl Baby Vest by Jodi Haraldson and you can find the pattern on ravelry.

I miss these munchkins so much as they live in Texas and I haven't seen them since May.
Mwah, babies! Thank you for sending me your cute photos!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Play with your food

Watch it glimmer
See it shimmer
cool and fruity
brand gelatin

Did you all grow up eating Jell-O salad? It was present at all holidays in my family Did you have tupperware jell-o molds in the cupboard as a kid? We did. You could have a heart or a star on the top. Heck do you like Jell-O?

Well then...
Go here to see photos of Jell-O mold competition.

Warning: This is not your Grandma's jello salad!

Photo: Thanksgiving Dessert by phil_g

Friday, June 19, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Me looking cute.
November 16,1968

I am not sure about that date. I would only be ten months old. That's a lot of hair and finger coordination for ten months old. Maybe it's really 1969.

Mom - Have you tuned in? You better clarify. And share a detail or two while you are at it.

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Oh math is so off. The date is right. Please forgive my fatigued mind. I should have let the photo speak and not me. Peace out.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog ART Giveaway

WIN A Custom Oil Painting by Lara Harris

To celebrate the Grand Opening of her new esty store, Lara Harris is giving away a **CUSTOM OIL PAINTING of something you TREASURE**

You do not want to miss out on this giveaway. This is something special. So go and check out the details on her blog A Vintage Touch. The thought of having such a personal piece of art just makes me giddy.

How I have found about all this cool stuff, like the Madsen bike and the amazing Lara Harris? It's my new favorite blog... ennui. She's got her finger on the pulse of good stuff.

What treasure would you like immortalized?

Mine might be my love pup Tank LaRue!

She is the best snuggler in the world!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grandma Going to Market

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes
Check out this puppy. You could be riding it for free.

Last Sunday, the hubby and I rode our bikes to the Hollywood Farmer's Market. We only have one little basket on the bike. We didn't buy much because riding home would be an issue. Now if we had this fantabulous bicycle we could really haul some good stuff around. If you want to try and win this great bike go to Madsen.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday


Hula hoop: a plastic tube of fun. My first hula hoop came on a Christmas morning. It was striped red, white, and blue. I can still hear the sound of the ball bearings swooshing around inside. My new hula hoop is sparkly green and gold. There are no ball bearings and it is a whopping 42-inches in diameter. It is adult sized and requires clearing of the room for practice. But really, as these pictures show, the place of hooping is in the yard. In the wild outdoors or, as we call it in suburbia, the driveway. Hula hooping requires space and air and light. Also a spirit of adventure and a dose of not giving a damn about looking silly. Hurrah for the hula hoop!

Photos courtesy of Flickr and Hayseed Hula Hoop by foundphotoslj;Roxie with a hula-hoop by Snap Man;1958 Linda & Hula hoop by lindabutterfly

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

You've got to Move it Move it

Want to Move it too?
Join the fun.

Alexis of Knot Sew Crafty is moving it too! She's a cool chick so I thought I would join her, Pip (the hostess), and some others in some good old fashioned exercise. Pip's only requirement is walking 20 minutes/3 times a week. That is totally within one's power. Dr. Oz recommends walking 30 minutes a day. Everyday. No excuses. You can break it up into 3 ten minute chunks of time if you need to. Walking has the highest compliance rate of any exercise. It increases your stamina and as a daily routine establishes motivation and discipline. This is a great time of year to take a walk too. The jasmine is blooming and the weather is not too hot.

For the last 9 weeks I have been going to spin class twice a week. In that time I have only missed one class. I have to admit that I am proud of myself that I have kept it up consistently. It's about time I invested in shoes for class. Apparently there is a more efficient use of energy clipping in the pedals rather than strapping your tennies in.

Last week I took my spinning to a whole new dimension. I bought a hula hoop! and a DVD. Now this is some good fun, but watch out for small children and animals. I knocked the big dog right in the snoot while practicing. He likes to be underfoot. Now he is a little bit leery of the hoop, but otherwise unharmed. I will let you know when I become a bona fide hooperina dancing on my deck to the Nutcracker Suite.