Monday, June 29, 2009

One of the Best Things in L.A.

One of the best things to do in Los Angeles during the summer is the Hollywood Bowl.

You grab a bottle of wine (or two), pack a picnic with your favorite eats (don't forget dessert), and enjoy one of the most beautiful music venues in the world outdoors and under the stars.

The Summer Season opened the weekend before last. The hubby and I were there that first Sunday. The incredible line up was Raphael Saadiq, Santigold, and Femi Kuti. People were up and dancing and enjoying every minute of amazing music. With this particular line up you could not help but get off your feet and shake a tail feather.

Last night we were there to see this incredible young woman.

The line up for the evening Janelle Monae, Chaka Khan (as a last minute sub for an ailing Etta James), and Adele. Janelle was new to me and she put out a great set. Chaka Kahn, is freakin' Chaka Khan. Hello. I feel for you! But really and truly it was Adele's night. This was the largest venue she has ever played and she was nervous. Occasionally she forgot the words, even to her favorite song, that she professes to sing in the shower. But her enthusiasm, excitement, and easy banter charmed us all. However, it was her amazing voice that rose and fell and filled the night. It was a sold out show and everyone was there to see this newcomer on the music scene. Everyone there knew the songs and wanted to sing along. But this was not the case. Here is the testament to her performance, people were shushing each other and there was near silence in the bowl as people listened, really listened to her powerful voice with it's wonderful phrasing as it conveyed her beautiful words of heartache and love. She captivated the night and I truly believe I saw a young performer blossom into a powerful presence. She is not one to watch but one to see. Her star has risen.

Photos were courtesy of Flickr and 1: Hollywood Bowl by The Flying Enchilada (I chose this shot because it was taken by the Flying Enchilada. I don't know why but that tickles me). 2:Opening Night Gala'08 at the Hollywood Bowl by Gypsy D

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