Friday, March 30, 2007

The Thrill of the Hunt

I like to think that I am fairly hip and with it. Someone in touch with popular culture. But while watching commercials during American Idol I learned something new. There was some friends list cell phone commercial playing that referred to a woman as an "old Cougar." Well something about it tickled my funny bone and kept playing the line over and over again when my hubby asked me if I knew what an urban cougar was?

I did not.

It's an older woman who hooks up with younger men.

I had never heard of an urban cougar before. My next course of action was to google the term and people there is a whole world of cougars out there. No Kidding.

check out
on this website they define the urban cougar as a sophisticated species of female who seeks the pleasure of younger males.

There is, a cougar dating site.

For even more info right from the cougar's mouth check out this clip.

I can only blame my married existence for my lack of cougar knowledge.
Hell if I wasn't married I would definitely be a cougar.
Everyone likes a fresh kill once in a while.
And who doesn't love Mrs. Robinson, the lead huntress in Big Game?

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Meow, Mrs. Robinson, Meow!