Friday, June 05, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday


Hula hoop: a plastic tube of fun. My first hula hoop came on a Christmas morning. It was striped red, white, and blue. I can still hear the sound of the ball bearings swooshing around inside. My new hula hoop is sparkly green and gold. There are no ball bearings and it is a whopping 42-inches in diameter. It is adult sized and requires clearing of the room for practice. But really, as these pictures show, the place of hooping is in the yard. In the wild outdoors or, as we call it in suburbia, the driveway. Hula hooping requires space and air and light. Also a spirit of adventure and a dose of not giving a damn about looking silly. Hurrah for the hula hoop!

Photos courtesy of Flickr and Hayseed Hula Hoop by foundphotoslj;Roxie with a hula-hoop by Snap Man;1958 Linda & Hula hoop by lindabutterfly

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