Sunday, March 01, 2009


Cibo is Italian for "food" or "grub".

CHEEBO is our local neighborhood joint where we eat at least once a week. Lately it's been every Friday night eating an early bird special like senior citizens. I guess we are gliding in that direction so why the heck not have an early dinner. They make an amazing pizza. Me and my pizzaiolo love to have it here when not cooking it up at home. My favorite is the sausage and fennel pizza. Breakfast lunch or dinner is always good. We love having omelettes with a side of quinoa for breakfast or big panini sandwiches or maybe a salad for lunch. It's cozy. We get to color on the paper table cloths. They make their own potato chips. They always have a good wines by the glass. We love it.

What's your local go-to-joint that always satisfies?

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