Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You May Never Know

You may never know
why you do the things you do
and why you do the things you don't

You may never know
if your stars are aligned
or if mercury is effecting your drive

You may never know
what the whale sings of
or the flower
at the end of a honey bee's dance

There are mysteries in this life
that present themselves to us everyday
Some we see
Some we don't
We try to figure the why?

But some things
we may never know

This poem was inspired by the wise words of my friend
Carla who continues to help me refocus whether she is near or far. Much Love and Gratitude Carla. I love you.

We are always trying to figure life out. I have been figuring a long time, but I think it may be time to take another view. To enjoy the wonder and mystery that presents itself in my daily life. To quit thinking so much. It's time to embrace the mystery.

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