Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dinner Tonight

There's a new technique going down on the grill tonight.

Hickory Smoked Beer Can Chicken

The hubby is about to snap open a Tecate beer. Take a couple of swigs and then stuff the beer up the chicken. The hickory chips are soaking and the grill is fired up. This should be interesting. Our nephew, Tyler, gave us the Chick Can Rack for Christmas and this is the inaugural chicken.

The rest of the menu will be left over butternut squash Farrotto and steamed broccoli.

Last night the farrotto was rockin'. This was the first time using farro and I thought it would take longer than the arborio but not really. For a moment I thought maybe the squash would be undercooked and the farro overcooked but everything turned out just fine and delicious.

Tonight is a new culinary adventure and I will report on the beer can chicken tomorrow!

What's cooking at your place tonight?

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