Friday, November 14, 2008

What's Cooking?

These are the fixings for tonight's dinner.
Butternut Squash Farrotto

What is farrotto, you ask?! Basically it is risotto, sans the rice, and made with farro. Farro is an ancient type of wheat called emmer. It is hearty and when combined with butternut squash it is the perfect Fall dish. Unfortunately, here in LA we are experiencing the perfect summer day with a high of 90 degrees. It's hot and the air conditioner is running. However, I will carry on and make my supper and hope for a crisp evening. Although cool weather tonight is highly doubtful as tomorrow will be warmer than today.

To go with the farrotto I will make a simple salad of butter lettuce, pears, and glazed pecans. A glass of wine, some dinner conversation and maybe a rousing game of Scrabble to aid in the digestion afterwards.

What are you having for dinner tonight?
What's your favorite fall recipe?
Please share I would love to know.

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