Friday, October 10, 2008

The tie that binds

Hi Everyone,

I am back in Los Angeles. Carla took me to the airport yesterday morning and there were tears in the car and at the curbside drop-off. It was the big ugly kind of cry too. Two women holding onto each other and crying and hugging and crying and hugging and crying. Neither one of us are big public displays of emotion types but there we were in a big puddle of parting.

We both knew the moment would come when I had to go home but it seemed there were more places to explore and more getting used to a new city. The time went too fast. She was going to have to explore on her own. It seemed too soon.

We were never really able to talk about the move. We could talk about particulars, like packing, but the moving away part we never could. We almost didn't even have a send-off party because we could barely acknowledge that she was leaving town to move to another city. Even the drive out was just us having an adventure. A little vacation, not a destination and new home for one of us.

We are tight with each other, talk about everything (except moving), laugh, make things & support each other completely. The not being in close proximity to each other is going to be an adjustment. That being said, I think this a good move. How often does one get to make a fresh start for oneself? I admire Carla's courage to go and make it happen. She's good like that when she sets her mind to it.

We found one of the local yarn stores. We bought the same yarn for the same sweater. We swatched last night via phone. (We have a need to be close right now and if it has to be through a project, so be it.) They have a Friday night knit. Carla is going to go. She is good at making friends. She once made a friend off of Craigs list. I always found this amazing. I am way too guarded to be making friends from Craigs list. Not Carla, she has an easy and engaging way about her so I know she will be making friends soon.

When she said at the airport, "I can't believe you are leaving me here." I threatened to get back in the car and drive her straight back to LA. I also told her to give Houston a try. She just needed a little time there to see if she likes it. If down the road, Houston doesn't make itself home we will have the biggest Welcome Back party that Carla has ever seen. I know a few people that will see to that.

But for now, there are lots of good wishes, total LOVE and SUPPORT shining out from the west to you Carla!

This past week of hard driving, 1600 or more miles covered, laughter, singing, a wild cat in the mix, strange beds and places, tears and partings has left us both a little raw. I like the rawness, the place where I am exposed to the air and feel it's currents on my skin and heart and soul so distinctly. It is here that I can truly appreciate and feel gratitude for the depths of my experience in friendship. The bond is set and geography is minor inconvenience.

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