Thursday, October 16, 2008

I can't get enough

of Cookies and Kisses.

snuffle puff
Miss Kiss is hilarious. She makes this snuffle puff noise with her nose that just cracks me up. I caught her in the act. She is a very good sitter upper and one of her favorite things to play with is a big plastic bowl and spoon. She alternates from banging to chewing with both bowl and spoon.

Also Super Nanny like to dress up her head. Here is Kiss with a little bow on her head and chewing on her comb. Adorable.

papa & cookie
Master Cookie is a drool monster. Something akin to a St. Bernard.
Both are big into chewing on things but no teeth, not even a bump...yet.

Cookie has his new maple teething ring. This guy does not like to bend at the hips. To sit him up you gotta help him out and put some bend in him otherwise he goes flat. Hopefully he takes to sitting up more easily otherwise there are lots of bean bag chairs in his future.

Toy manufacturer's never cease to amaze me with creative ingenuity.
But really?
baby's first bong
Baby's First Bong?!
Come on, people. That's just not right.

OK. OK. It's really not. But look at it.

Also Cookie & Kiss now have their own blog.

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