Monday, October 13, 2008

Matters of the Heart

Thank you Everyone for all your kind words of support. It is amazing the community that shines forth in the blog-o-sphere. Yes, there are many ways to be connected and this medium of blogging continues to inspire me to reach out & connect with all of you.

My good friend Charissa made the comment
"The tie that binds, binds tightly! I can say from experience that you are terrific at keeping those binds tight across state lines and thousands of miles. It has been years since NC and yet each year I feel closer and more connected - without the benefit of close proximity anywhere but where it counts - the heart. Glory in the wonderful friendship that you have created and all the creative ways you can still "craft" together."

She is so very right. We met in Raleigh, NC and haven't lived in the same state for the last five years but she is one of my best friends. She is also correct in saying that we have grown closer over the years while living miles apart. When her and her hubby had Cookie and Kiss, they honored my hubby and me by asking us to be godparents and to be a huge part of their family. We are very happy to have such a great extended family and to be a part of watching those two babies grow up.

The funny thing is Charissa lives in Texas too. About 85 miles outside of Houston. I have already spent a good deal of time in Texas this year, what with the birthing of those babies and everything. So I guess I am going to get to know Texas a little better and spend a few more days a year there. Why some of my best friends are converging in Texas is a mystery to me but it does make visiting everyone a little easier.

Carla wanted to meet the babies since she has heard so very much about them. We got to spend the night and hang out with tired, sleep deprived parents and got lots of playing time with the babies.
very serious
This is Carla with a cleaned up Cookie. He is looking very seriously snuggly. I didn't get a picture of him in the bath because I got to give him his bath. I love bath time.

So does Miss Kiss!

In the morning...
papa and babies
Papa does good breakfast.

Kiss is practicing her spoon techniques.

gonna get
Cookie is trying his best Uri Geller powers on his spoon.

Too much I tell you!
Can't wait to get back to Texas and get more baby love and time with my great friends.

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