Thursday, February 05, 2009

Welcome to the World

baby hats
January 22, 2009
Wesley Franklin & Elise Olivia
5lbs 3oz & 5lbs 6oz
18 inches & 18.5 inches

The stork dropped off two bundles of joy for our good friends Kirsten and Brian. What an exciting time. We had dinner with them the day they found out they were having twins. The sense of joy and bewilderment at the news was very cute. Kirsten was prepared to have one baby but the news of double joy left her astonished. She really was flush with excitement and a flood of other emotions. It was a great night to share in their joy. It is even more exciting to announce their arrival. Welcome to the world, little babies.

Baby Hats
Cascade Superwash 220
Size 8 needles

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