Monday, February 02, 2009


What an exciting game!

For the Superbowl we traveled down to Carlsbad to the home of our friends Michele and Jeff. Jamie, Ava and Spencer came down too. There were emails of poems (of which I shared the last couple of days) and menu planning all last week. The poker chips were itching to be played, someone was trying not to get too geeked up before Sunday, and the grocery shopping was done.

Here are the highlights of big game weekend.

What are these going to be?

burgler yums
Homemade hamburger buns for the Roethlis-burger Bar

Saturday night fare

joe burger

jefe burger
from the Roethlis-burger bar.

Michele gave Joe the ultimate present.
Iron Chef Joe
She sewed him an Iron Chef Italian jacket and toque.

iron chefu
He looks just like Masahiko Kobe. She recreated the entire outfit from the television set. She's a genius!

Ava and Spencer
Ava thinks Uncle Joe is funny, but she really loves the balloon best!

The Breakfast of Champions!


sugar and cinnamon
Donuts!!! Baked, not fried.

And a big glass of Orange Juice.

Jamie and Ava
Ava likes donuts and hamburger buns for breakfast.

Now it's time to turn up the grill.
Throw down some ribs.

Get the smoker smokin'.

Baste them at the very end.

baby backs
Who wants their babybacks?

mac n cheese 2
with a side of Macaroni and Cheese

fennel and apple slaw
and Fennel Apple Slaw?
I do, I do!

game time
The Steelers took to the field

ready to rumble
and we took to the couch for a very exciting game and the BIG WIN!!!

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