Sunday, August 02, 2009

Go to the Cirque

Forget about that Canadian Cirque that has taken over Las Vegas and get out and support LA's own Cirque...Cirque Berzerk!

My hairstylist (whom I had not seen in over 6 months. Yikes! I had to wash the gray right outta of my hair) told me about it. The way he described it was if Tim Burton decided to make his own Circus, it would look something like Cirque Berzerk. He said it was incredible and he was right.

The hubby's birthday is Monday so a date night was in order. The hubby would never in a million years guess where we were going. No clue. He had no clue. hehe.

On a parcel of land right behind Chinatown on N. Spring Stree is Los Angeles State Park. Who knew right? I certainly did not. but as you drive up a BIG TOP dominates the barren urban landscape. You can take a picnic. No alcohol allowed, but not to worry there is a bar...and you can bring your drinks into the tent when the performance starts...double fisted if you so desire. Because a twisted and demented circus demands the same from you.

The show is phenomenal and that's all I am going to say.

That, and you really should go ASAP.
Because the Cirque Berzerk only runs until August 9th!
That's next weekend, folks.
Yeah...when did we get into August?

So grab your favorite friend/s, buy tickets, maybe bust out your corset or fascinator and get yourself to Cirque Berzerk. You will be so glad you did. It's a sick little treasure on the outskirts of Chinatown. It smacks of 30's carnival yet urban madness.

You can party afterwards back at the bar and listen to Vaud and the Villains well into the LA night.

It's a guaranteed night to remember. Go. GO and get your tickets!!!

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