Friday, August 07, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

I just love everything about this photo, especially the grand cat on table. Look at that fella. He's practically a lion.

This one reminds me of The Secret Garden.

This morning I was tending my front garden that has been seriously neglected this past spring. Everything was overgrown, bloomed out, and weedy. I cut back the Jerusalem Sage, that bloomed prolifically this year. The Kangaroo Paws had to be cut back. The Euphorbia had to be pulled out completely because I found what looked to be garden barnacles on it. Seriously, some kind of barnacle was sucking the life out of the plant. Does anyone know what the really name of the garden barnacle? It kind of freaked me out so I uprooted the entire plant and threw it out. The Palo Verde tree and the Protea were trimmed up because they were overtaking the front steps and tickling everyone who passed by. This was the first year out of three that my Protea bloomed and I was very happy every time I passed by the blooms. The garden is definitely looking better all trimmed up and without weeds.

How does your garden grow?

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Fab garden photos:
by postaletrice; by josefnovak33

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