Friday, August 14, 2009

Drum Roll Please....

Here's a note from my Mom.

Thank you all for your suggestions: I liked Tappington and Santino the best. Frankie was my nickname when I was in Jr. High. Tapo was fine with my hubs and I - BUT not so with my daughter. The hubs started calling him Tapolito which I didn't like. You know how it is with nicknames. This kitten has four dark gray paws, extra big on the front - quite cute. My hubs did not want a sissy name and wanted something different, he is a retired Marine and wants our kitten to grow up to be one tough cat. This kitten follows my hubs all over the place and likes to sleep under his chin. It's amazing to see him so tender and loving to an animal. Well - we have decided on a new name. It is "Boondockers". We are calling him Boon for short but "What's up Doc" - rolls out easy. I looked up Boon in the dictionary and the definition is: Answer to a prayer. Doc works too, in honor of my stubborn daughter who wouldn't give up on getting her PhD. So, thank you one and all - Hope you all like his new name too.

There it is...Boondocker.

Much better.
Thank you everyone for your good names and help.

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