Sunday, August 09, 2009

Craft Hope

Friday I was bopping around the internets and stopped by My Own Crafty Wonderland and read about Craft Hope.

Craft Hope is doing good deeds through crafty making and giving. The first three projects have been pillowcase dresses & shorts that went to children in Brazil & Mexico, Dollies for children in Nicaragua, and Blankets, booties, and beanies for Babies in India. You have to check out the pictures of the kids with the dollies. Precious and heart opening. Project four is just underway and when I read the project I knew I was going to contribute. Project Four is making Sock Monkeys for The Little Heroes Preschool Burn Camp in Northern California. Sock Monkeys! I love Sock Monkeys. I have made a couple before here & here.

To learn how to make a sock monkey check out the tutorials here and here.
To buy old timey sock monkey making socks go to Fox River Mills.

Maybe you will be moved to make a sock monkey. They are so much fun and easy peasy to make. A word of caution, sock monkeys are very mischievous and curious creatures.

For example, here's a Sock Monkey that I made for my friend Joe. His name is Dougall Chang and is a lab monkey at a secret facility in the heart of Texas. He had some adaptability issues at first but I have been informed that Dougall is learning to work and play well in the lab.

He has made some friends.

He assists in quality assurance protocols.

Oops...caught sleeping on the job.

Never forgets to wear protective garb.

Sometimes he needs a timeout.

It's a learning process.
Don't say I didn't warn you when the sock monkeys take over the house.

Also don't forget to check out Craft Hope.

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