Thursday, August 20, 2009

When bad things happen on a good day

Before all the wedding weekend festivities began, we woke up last Friday morning to our Barfing Cat Alarm Clock, also known as Wiggs. This is the type of alarm clock that makes you scramble for the paper towels and carpet cleaner with your eyes half open, while wrangling the cat into the bathroom. Not fun, but it got us out of bed and we were anxious to start our weekend as our good friends were getting married. Then I discovered that Wiggs had peed on my favorite summer sweater, which was on top of the dining room chair. If you are at all familiar with cat pee, you know the chair was ruined. No amount of cleaning will get that smell out. Usually this would have spurred a lot of conversation about whether to throw the cat to the coyotes, but we just took it in stride. The chairs needed to be reupholstered as they are about 40-50 years old with the original cushions and were looking very worn. We looked up a place on the internet, loaded the four chairs in the car and off we went. There was no way the cat was going to spoil our weekend. We were in such good spirits that cat pee ruined furniture couldn't get us down. Now that's a good mood!

Picked up the chairs today

They look fantastic and feel even better. The old ratty cushions had no cush left in them. Now I am sitting two inches higher at the table and my bum is sitting comfortably in style.

Danny Cannon Custom Upholstery
2312 S. Robertson Blvd.
LA, CA 90034

Great work and service, but the choice of fabrics was limited and fairly conservative. I would definitely use Danny again but I would buy my own fabric if I wanted something jazzier.

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