Friday, July 31, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday: Postcards

Remember the days of sending postcards?

I miss those days of picking out postcards and scrawling a few lines in a cafe. Then getting foreign stamps and sending them home. On my first visit to Italy, I was twenty and spoke only a few choice (read curse) words aside from please and thank you. I returned to the US after six weeks and nobody had received my postcards. They showed up after a couple more weeks. Apparently I did not send them air mail and they came on a slow boat. It just really added to the adventure. Now we just zip into a stuffy internet cafe, send emails and post on our blogs. Oh technology we love you and your instantness but oh how we miss getting postcards in the mail that take weeks to arrive.

All these postcards came from Nevada Tumbleweed's Vintage Las Vegas postcard collection.
Photos by Nevada Tumbleweed

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