Monday, August 11, 2008

Just because

Friday the hubby came home with these just because.
They are so beautiful

There is even a bird's nest in the arrangement.
I love love love it. It was such a surprise. I am loved.

Speaking of birds nests. We have had a hummingbird nest under the eaves of the house in the backyard. The baby bird took it's first leap from the nest on Friday morning. I just happened to see him take his virgin flight while I was sitting at the dining room table writing a post. Here he is none the worse for fly/falling out of the nest.
He is teenyweeny. That is a bamboo leaf next to him. Since we have dogs I gathered him up and put him back in the nest.
The nest is about the size of an egg cup. This is the second time we have had a hummingbird nest in this spot. He made his second flight later in the afternoon and I let him buzz are the ground in the backyard until it was dark and bedtime. He didn't really have any lift yet. I made a bed for the night on a back yard pillow. He was there in the morning, but I was starting to worry because I hadn't seen the mama bird the day before. She showed up though and then started teaching junior the basics of flying with lots of feeding between attempts. It seems you burn a lot of energy flapping your wings. It was better than watching the Olympics. Nature is so intriguing. I could have watched these two all day, but we were off for dinner with friends.
When we got home later that evening the baby bird was no where to be found. I checked before letting the dogs out. The baby has successfully flown the coop or at least our backyard and into the wilds beyond.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Your Joe is such a doll! The flowers are gorgeous.

Did you have your video camera rolling during the bird show? You've got your very own Animal Planet in your backyard!