Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cookie & Kiss' Baptism

Our fabulous weekend in the Midwest ended with the baptism of Cookie & Kiss. The ceremony & brunch was in Kenosha. We had a great time. Cookie & Kiss got to meet lots of family & friends who ventured out to Kenosha to share in the occasion. It was a real debut for them. They were complete angels through the baptism. We also got to meet lots of family and friends that we have heard about over the years of our friendship with Charissa & Joe. Really great people. Those kids are surrounded by love and good wishes. That kind of love and support just warms my heart. Being with family, even by extension or association, was an absolute pleasure.


Annika said...

Oh, those sweet fat baby cheeks!

Ellen Bloom said...

What a lovely family gathering! Looks like everyone had fun.

Is Annika talking about Joe B's cute baby cheeks? Huzzah, Huzzah.