Friday, August 08, 2008

Adventures in Bias Tape

The Ravelry group Sew Obsessed is having an apron swap. The swap was organized by my BFF Carleetle-D. While at Bolt I found my apron pattern and fabric. The pattern called for bias tape so I figured this would be a good time to learn how to make my own. From the wide world of internet I found two tutorials that were very helpful. This one for great written instructions and this one for the photos.

bias tape1

bias tape 2
It's very important to cut on the lines.

After a whole lot of ironing this is what you get.
bias tape 3
Loads of bias tape.

My practice bias tape was in purple batik.
purple bias tape
I have to admit that I was too afraid to start with my super cute fabric. Yes I did buy a bias tape maker but I didn't really like it. It didn't run smoothly over the joins so I had to bust it out the old fashioned way. With the iron.

Just a word of the bias tape in front of the iron not behind.

Ouchy. I reached around the iron to move the bias tape and GOTCHA!

Making bias tape is fairly easy. The hardest part for me was the ironing. Mostly because I don't like to iron & obviously I shouldn't be handling such an unwieldy tool. I once burnt my stomach while ironing naked. Ironing is for the clothed and heavy handed. Oh yea, and the patient too. I love sewing and will make friends with my iron in time. I hope. But it is so satisfying to learn something new and have a new stash of stuff to show for it & to sew with.
bis tapes 2
Woohoo! Look at all that tape!

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