Wednesday, August 27, 2008

6 Random Facts


1. My favorite candy bar of all time is Annabelle's Big Hunk. Basically I am a fool for some nougat, but the Big Hunk has the nostalgic taste of childhood in it's favor.

2. I got suspended in 8th grade for fighting with a boy. His name was Dwight and he was hurling racial slurs in my direction all semester in P.E. class. One day I didn't dress for class because Aunt Flo was in town and I was all crampy. Dwight sauntered by the bleachers and called me a "nip" or a "jap". I forget which it was, probably both. In my PMS-ness I told him to shut the f-up. So he came up to me and slapped me in the face, I slapped him back, he slapped me again and walked away. It was on. I was off the bench and we were rolling around on the soccer field. Brock, another student, big stoner, was also on the bleachers and I could hear him saying, "Dude, get off of her" but that was the extent of his help. Eventually Mr. North, noticed the fracas and sent us both off to see the counselor. Even though Dwight was the instigator, I was suspended for a day because I hit him back. In my nerdy, this is going on my permanent record, kind of way I was devastated. Mom worked too far away to pick me up. Home was almost 2 miles from school and I cried as I walked all the way home. I had to call my mom when I got home. I thought I was going to be in so much trouble. She completely surprised me when she told me she was proud of me for sticking up for myself. Her reaction and words of support turned a really rotten day into a much better one. Thanks, Mom. Love you!

3. I taught myself to read music and play the piano when I was in 4th grade. My 4th grade BFF DeLynn and her 3 sisters took piano lessons. I was so fascinated. DeLynn taught me a little bit of Ode to Joy and I wanted to play more. I begged and begged my mom for a piano. We couldn't really afford one but my mom found one in the Pennysaver for one hundred dollars. This piano had seen better days It was a an old bar piano clad in yellowed white vinyl and the b-flat was busted. But it was my piano and I taught myself to play with a silent b-flat.

4. If I were stuck on a desserted...ha that's funny. I meant deserted island, but a desserted island sound much better with chocolate waterfalls and licorice rope vines for swinging on to banana popsicle trees. Oh yum. But if I could have one food on the deserted island it would be ice cream, so my island would be desserted too.

5. Like Paige, I almost drowned when I was about 4 years old. Four adults poolside, two being my parents and me floating at the bottom of the pool. Dad jumped in, me all blue, everyone freaked out, me spitting up loads of water and returning to life. How I recall it, I was trying to touch all the steps down to the bottom and then nothing. However, this maybe a made up memory, as I was so little. My mom's memory is that I liked to hang on the edge of the pool and walk my way around the perimeter with my hands and then must have slipped in.

6. My favorite lunch as a kid in elementary school was a bologna sandwich with mayo on white bread, Lay's potato chips, and a red apple.


Annika said...

Your mom sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

You are for me.

If I had never met you and just read this post...well, let's just say the hook would be set deep.

Equipped with a big hunk, a kazoo, and baloney sandwich (to entice, seranade, and woo) I would set off on a sacred quest looking for the girl with the mean right hook who just happens to live on a desserted island.

Missing your cute face

Ellen Bloom said...

Whoa! Who's is anonymous? Serious crushage.

Mmmmm...balony sammies on white bread w/mayo.

j.kaori said...

Love #2 --- good for you!

Paige said...

Loved this! So glad you shared some random facts. You know, I was bullied during 5th grade. It was horrible, and one day my mom told me to just stick up for myself, and I did. When my former BFF called me some awful names I grabbed a chunk of her hair as we were boarding the school bus and insisted she take it back. I didn't let go until she did, and she left me alone after that. Thank goodness for our moms, huh??

woolanthropy said...

Yeah! Yay to Moms!

carlita dee said...

Uh. That's not a sandwich. It's a sammich.

Damn. Number two had BETTER be Joe or I'm tellin'.

It would be so weird to see you play piano since I've known you a while and never seen it. It'd be like the first time I saw Sandra drive. I'd known her for years and she couldn't drive and all of a sudden she was picking me up at Miami airport. Strange. LOL.

I imagine you'd be looking like you're all in a Beethoven induced trance. I'd call your name but you wouldn't be able to hear anything. Just the sound of those 88s.