Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wrapped in goodness

At the first concert I attended at the Hollywood Bowl this summer, I cast on for the Mara Shawl. Over the summer I saw six concerts at the Bowl (Santigold, Adele, Ray La Montagne, Porgy and Bess, Mozart, & Pink Martini) and every show I knit a little more on my shawl infusing it with starry nights and great music.

Somehow along the way, I deviated completely from said pattern. The deviation started with adding eyelets to the shawl. The original pattern was all garter stitch rows. Boring. Plus, I thought the shawl would be too stiff and heavy in garter stitch. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy, which is a super wash and I knit rather tightly so I thought the eyelets would add some lightness to the shawl.

The original pattern is also more like a shawlette but I went big. In going bigger I was definitely in danger of running out of yarn in the main color. Also, the Mara pattern has a ribbed edging at the bottom and again I thought it might be too stiff with a ribbed edge so I went for a ruffle.

I definitely did not have enough yarn in the main color, called cinnamon girl, so I added in another color called Chinese apple, which was also Dream in Color Classy. The ruffled edge became striped and I had just enough of the main color to complete the shawl.

In blocking I lost a bit of the frill of ruffle. The shawl blocked out huge. It's 78-inches across. Unfortunately I did not measure before blocking, so I do not know what the size was before blocking. It was knit on size 8 needles. I love everything about this shawl - the color, the yarn, the striping in the ruffle. Next summer, when the Hollywood Bowl starts I will wear my fabulous shawl to keep out the evening chill and bring it full circle.

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