Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

(photo by Old Shoe Woman)

Already there is a bustle in the kitchen. A dance of pot and pans. The hum of the oven. The heavenly smell of baking bread fills the house. A couple of arguments. Pie crusts to be made. Sweet potatoes to be boiled. Brussels sprouts to be scrubbed, chopped, and cooked.

Later there will be the coming together of family. Embracing loved ones. Catching up. A well deserved glass of wine. Football in the background. A dog named Sadie trying to eat the appetizers or anything else she can get a nibble of. A beautiful meal with everyone around the table. Seconds. Buttons bursting.

Much later, the drive home. Changing out of uncomfortable pants. Putting on comfy pajamas. Settling down for the night. Watching a bit of television. Knitting a few rows. Reflections of the day and many thanks for all of it.

Much love to you all on this day of Thanksgiving.

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