Saturday, November 07, 2009


Look at the Beekeeper & his busy bees & the Queen Bee too.

The whole family took first place in the neighborhood Halloween Party in the park. Next year I have got to go to Texas for Halloween...costumes, a party, and the discovery of candy are just too much to miss. Little Miss Kiss' reply to hearing "just one" is "two". HA! I love it. She's just a kid learning to work the system.

Yes, we are a week into November. I guess it's time to throw the moldy jack-o-lantern out and put my Skelly Flamingos away. Honestly, I am kind of sad about it. Now I will plan out what's cooking for the holidays. There will definitely be sweet potato pie and maybe something with brussel sprouts for Thanksgiving.

What are you cooking up for Thanksgiving?

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