Monday, November 02, 2009

Increase Your Fiber

Yesterday a merry group of us went on a field trip to the Southern California Handweavers' Guild Weaving & Fiber Festival in Torrance. There was delicious fiber everywhere. My spinning teacher Anna Zinsmeister was there. Anna belongs to the guild and was demonstrating weaving on different looms. For fun, I bought a small 16" triangle loom from the Weavers Cupboard.

This morning I found instructions here and here.

Here is my first little swatch. My tension is off, as you can see. I thought maybe I would swatch up my little yarn batches from spinning class and make a sampler scarf. First I will practice on the loom a few times to get the tension right. It was kind of fun for not really knowing what I was doing and I am sure it will get easier as I figure it out.

Since I am learning to spin I concentrated my other purchases at the festival to roving instead of yarn.

This bag of jumbled fluff, from Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio, is earmarked for Camp Plucky Fluff in December at the Urban Craft Center. This will be a really fun workshop and was the impetus for learning how to spin in the first place. I cannot wait to make some wacky & wild yarn.

This is a 50/50 combo of superfine merino & bombyx silk from the same vendor as the fluffy bits above. There was something about the plum color that drew me in.

This special roving is from RedFish DyeWorks

It is a 50/50 blend of tussah silk & baby camel. It is the softest fiber I have ever touched in my entire life. It is pure lusciousness. Both of my new rovings are for inspiration right now. My spinning level is definitely novice at this point in time, so I will keep on practicing and dreaming of the day when I can spin up my fancy rovings.

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