Friday, September 05, 2008

Sewing Class

Last night, Carla & I embarked on a new sewing class. While tuning up our respective sewing machines at Tanner's Sew n Vac we met Capril. Just from a couple of conversations with her, we learned that she knows, and I mean knows, her stuff. She is full of all kinds of sewing information. Capril has open studio night on Thursdays and shares her knowledge with the class. We decided we needed some real dress making skills and signed up.

Did you know that dress patterns are cut for a B-cup? Well I didn't and I'm not. The waist of many dresses often rises above my natural waist due to the natural protrusions, I mean, proportions of my body.

Last night I learned to make the adjustment in the bodice.
I adjust
I had to add two inches in the bodice so the waistline would hit me in the right place. It really wasn't too hard. Such a simple adjustment is really going to make a difference in the fit of the dress. I'm thrilled.

Carla pins
Here's Carla pinning her pattern pieces. We learned a little something about pins too. Carla's written a short post about glass head pins here.

smile  look busy
Me and the pins ( hiss...bad pins) at play.

The dress pattern is Vogue V8232. Isn't the jacket cute? I plan on making that too.


Frank said...

Oh I'm glad you enjoyed the class. Maybe I'll mosey on over there sometime and learn a few things about making shirts and pants for men. It scares the bejesus out of me to even try!

(But before I go, I'll buy glass-headed pins!)

carlita dee said...

The more I see that jacket, the more excited I get about yours!

Paige said...

Man, I seriously need to take a sewing class one of these days. I can't wait to see how your dress and jacket turn out!

j.kaori said...

Very cute pattern! Aren't sewing classes fun?