Thursday, September 04, 2008

A little visit with Frank & Oliver

One of the things I love about the WeHo SnB is that it is an amazing community of beautiful and generous people. All summer we had an afghan project for our fellow stitcher Frank. Frank has been battling and winning his fight against cancer with an amazing amount of grace and good spirits. This is a group with a lot of heart and everyone in the group contributed squares for Frank, even people from other groups got wind of the project (via Ellen) and contributed. We collected so many squares we were able to piece together a large afghan for Frank and one for Oliver too.

Today, Carla and I paid a little visit on Frank & Oliver to see how they were doing and to bring over the finished blankets. We got to get lots of baby snuggling in, have a drink on the beautiful and expansive front porch, and enjoy each others company for a little while.

Here's Frank with his comfortghan.
Frank and his comfort ghan

Afghans are good for snuggling.

Here is Oliver's new blankie.

and Daddy's Blankie
Daddy's little boy and afghan

Oliver is a mover and a shaker. Oh yes and an amazing jumper. But here he is in a pensive moment. Calculating his next move, no doubt.
cute baby

Like this one.
fun time

And check out this smile!
look at that smile

I am happy to report that Frank is cancer free. Yay! He is looking as handsome as ever and he loved and appreciated every detail of every square.


Frank said...

OH.MY.GOD is that first picture AWFUL!

I mean, thanks again for being the messenger of such a special gift. Oliver and I spent more time after nap time oohing and ahhhing. (Which for him meant tasting some of the squares!)


carlita dee said...

LOL! Okay maybe the first picture doesn't capture Frank in his glory, but the light of his smile shines through.

That Oliver. Why didn't we steal him?

carlita dee said...

Now, the picture of me, on the other hand...

Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Carlita is a ham fo' sho'. But what a lovely, lovely gift. Great picture of those two snuggling.

Ellen Bloom said...

I LOVE all the photos. Thanks so much for being one of the angelic messengers of granny goodness!

Charissa said...

What a sweet baby that Oliver is. And SO BIG!! The blankets are beautiful and a reflection of the people who made them!!