Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It ain't no picnic without ants

This is the Pleated Beauty Bag I made for my swap partner.

I love the picnic, red and white checks against the navy linen.

The bag demanded some picnic ants (buttons, and embroidery). Also, I made the strap three inches longer, a little bit wider than the called for 1" thick strap and used interfacing to give it some durability. These were the only modifications I made for the bag.


I also made a zipper pouch for the bag. Carla recommended the tutorial found on craftster. It was pretty danged easy. These are my first lined bags. I'm not scared of lining no more. HA! Take that lining! The ant tape I got from Superbuzzy. It says "procession of ants" and "sugar attracts ants". Very cute.

peach cobbler
This is the peach cobbler I made last 4th of July and this is the recipe I sent with my bag. Now this picture don't look like much but let me tell you......YUM! I actually made two peach cobblers on that day and this was the better recipe. The original recipe called for blueberries but I went for pure peach.


Annika said...

The bag looks amazing and the cobbler... I will have to make some as soon as I find peaches.

Ellen Bloom said...

Your button ants are so cute! Nice job on the tote. The cobbler looks yumilicious.

Joseph said...

I am going to make the cobbler for looks t-rif! I love the bag- you are such a super crafter!