Friday, May 02, 2008

Good vibrations

Today there were two didgeridoos! And a rain stick!
I really dig that didg sound. It just moves through the body and hits that place in you that has been here for an eternity.

Bolonatha is the didgeridoo man. He does massage and sound therapy and can really blow a mean didg. After class today he introduced Isis, the new didgeridoo that he played today. He said that Isis is fragile and needs a carrying case so if there were any crafty people out there that would want to barter services he was willing. Well, I am a crafty person. Instead of becoming shy or thinking I couldn't possibly sew a didgeridoo cover or any of the other thoughts that would keep me from speaking up I went up to him after class and told him I was crafty.

He introduced me to Isis personally. Showed me her amethyst encrusted yoni (that's how he knew she was a girl). And then he played her for me. She can sing and flutter. The sound started at my feet and moved up through my body. Her counterpart is Osiris who is a complete basso and I feel in love with him on first note yesterday. Yeah a sucker for a singer.

So now I am going to make a didgeridoo cover for beautiful Isis. What will I do? How will I do it? How do I make it sexy? What I see right now is a fuschia fleece lining with green canvas on the outside. She will slide in top to bottom. The bottom of the didg is the largest part. It has a bulbous shape. This is where she is most fragile. I see a pointed hoodie for the top of the bag, with double fleece for extra cushion. Or the bag comes all the way up and then she has a fancy hat/hoodie that comes over the top for a double layer of protection. A shoulder strap for sure and maybe a pocket.

I will happily take all and any suggestions. How would you make a didgeridoo cover? In your dreamtime what do you see?


Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! That Didge really seduced you! You know what everyone says about making your lover a sweater?

woolanthropy said...

Good thing I'm just sewing.