Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A little organization

Ever since Mary Jo posted about her very cool fishing lure/needle organizer I have been thinking about how to organize my needles. Here is how I usually store my needles.

Yes all thrown together in a tote. Double points in one baggie and circulars in another baggie. plus my pompom makers and other stuff. When I needed a needle I would go searching. It could get frustrating not knowing what was what and where. Of course my first instinct when seeing Mary Jo's worm binder was I need one of those too. I even got to check out Mary Jo's binder. It's like a little suitcase. Space is a premium in the house so I felt that I didn't have a space to store the suitcase. My solution was a file folder holder from the office supply store. I found a cute one too. Bonus!

The supplies: label maker (love it!), CD size baggies, needle sizer, and tape measure.

I labeled the baggies with the needle size and the length of the needles.

After putting the labels on the file folder I filed the needles in their new home.

There you have it. Needle organization. I love it!


sappmama said...

Oh my gawd that's so cute! And brilliant brilliant! I'ma get me one of those organizers.

woolanthropy said...

Yeah. Easy peasy and organized. Not my usual self.

Ellen Bloom said...

We were at MJ's on Sunday and I was inspired all over again to organize my yarn and needles. Wait until you see her yarn drawers....AMAZING.

I LOVE the idea of your needle organizer. I'm gonna run right out and do the same thing. You are a genius!!! I have boxes and boxes of old straights. My circs are in one of those gangly hanging things in my closet...doesn't work well. Of course, many needles are scattered in totebags all over the place, stuck inside of WIPs. Sigh.

ladylinoleum said...

That is fantabulous! I will definitely be following your lead on this one!