Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ready, Set, Sew

For Carla's birthday I made her a seamstress apron.

It has lots of pockets for all the sewing notions you can think of. I even tried a little embroidery. This was my second foray into embroidery after making ant antennae and feet.

I got this fabulous pattern from CraftApple. If you like to sew check out her blog. It's a good one. The pattern was easy to follow and do. The hardest part was deciding what fabrics to use.

I made some stitch markers because she liked the ones I made for Mary Jo's birthday.

And I found in this vintage jar at an estate sale and filled it with buttons.

There were a few sewing notions too.

Seam ripper (can you have too many of these?), tracing wheel (never used one...yet), pin cushion (just learned that the berry is an emery bag, which you use to sharpen your sewing needles. Picked up that little tip at Bitter Betty Blogs. Another great sewing blog.), and appliqué scissors. Carla had picked up the Alabama Stitch Book which has all kinds of reverse appliqué projects in it.

Don't you you love it when people are tickled with their gifts?

Watch out she's got here sewing implements out and she know how to use them!


craftapple said...

Great apron! And a perfect gift for a crafty gal!

What a nice spot for some embroidery - although I may never venture there because I have no needle and thread skills. :o) Someone gave me a tracing wheel a while back and I don't use it either. :o)

Lilia said...

That is lovely. Carla is a lucky girl.

Ellen Bloom said...

The apron is faboo! Perfect for Carla. LOVE all the fabric combos too.

sappmama said...

I love my professional seamstress's apron! I feel like the real, deal now. Or, like I should go on "Tool Time."

I'm still going to post all my b-day goodies!