Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday To Carla!

Sometimes in this crazy life you bump into someone and it is like you have always known them. They fill a void you didn't even know you had. That's how it is with Carla. She's my partner in crime, crafty or otherwise. We can make ourselves laugh over nothing and everything, well, most of the time. And we can get deep, when we want to. The rhythm and presence of Carla and our friendship has slipped so easily into my life that now I really can't imagine bumping through this life without her.

Dear Carla,
To many more adventures and laughter in this life.
Love you,


Ellen Bloom said...

Happy B-day Carla!!!

I forgive you for calling me at 7:30 this morning to see if your cellphone was in my car. It was. A girl NEEDS her cellphone on her b-day! See you later, Carlavskiovich.

sappmama said...

Oh, Natalie! I love you too. You are wonderful, whether you're crying in a shopping cart, busting up your fingers on Guitar Hero, buying the same dress as me in a different place on a different day, or just hanging around watching Oprah with me.

You're such a dear friend. I can't even tell you.

These 40s are only gonna get more awesome for us!

(OK, now it's back to my iHome and the rest of my iLife. Gawd, my hair was short in that picture. It's short now, but I'm not sure I wanna go that short again. Hmm, early morning b-day rambling.)