Monday, June 02, 2008

Baby Love

Are these the same babies?

Cookie & Kiss are 12 weeks old this week! Before they had little appleheads and now they have big old Charlie Brown heads. I am talking about big round craniums! They are adorable and snuggly. They used to have baggy knees but they have grown into their pantyhose. Okay gotta go and cuddle up with a baby.


Laurie Ann said...

Blogs really ought to come with a warning. "Cuteness Alert" or something like that. I just opened a friend's blog to see a photo of him, um, well, scantily clad.

And now--OMG the cuteness of the babies. I can't stand it.

Ellen Bloom said...

In addition to being waaay more grown up, Cookie and Kiss look extremely stylish in their hand-knits!

woolanthropy said...

cuteness alert for sure!

sappmama said...

A couple of comedians if I ever saw one!

Who do they think they are all laughing and smiling?!