Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Circus for Breakfast

Well I left town for four days and came home to some animals that have completely lost their manners. I made a little breakfast and was coming around to sit at the dining room table when what do I see.

Tank catching a sunny spot on the table! I admit I was absolutely tickled by this and, instead of chasing her off the table, I took a few snaps and then told her she could sit in the chair.

She thought about it for a moment and tried to give me the "look" but she decided the chair had a bit more sun upon it. This dog takes her tanning very seriously. If she were a human she would be unnaturally orange and have and an oh so Sunset Tan.

Meanwhile...back in the kitchen

Koi is skulking around the countertops! This is a cat that rarely comes out of the bedroom.

I have paused from my breakfast to take more snaps.

Look at the face of innocence and bold defiance. I wonder what else they were up to while I was gone? No good that is for sure.

I went to Texas to celebrate my friend Charissa's birthday.

Here she is wearing the locket I got her for her birthday. Yes, it has pictures of Cookie & Kiss inside. You thought I went to Texas just to get my hands on those babies, well, that was only half the story. HA! We had a lovely day celebrating her birthday. We went and had a casual gourmet lunch and then had mani/pedis at Pretty Nails. We figured out that I frequent Pretty Nails more than I do any place in LA. Afterwards we grabbed a Jamba Juice and went to Target for some shopping. Later at home we had some friends come over and we had Sundaes to celebrate and to top off her day with a cherry!

Here are some of the more rambunctious guests for Sundaes. Freddy & Robert are twins (they have the same eyes) and Sam is wearing red.

What? You are expecting some cute baby photos?!
Oh all right, just because you asked.

This post was so long I am sooooo sleepy.

Yep, That's all folks!


Ellen Bloom said...

Joe seems to be a very lenient pet-dad! He may need further training.
Charissa looks great, considering! Sounds like you had a nice celebration. The babies are getting big!

Anonymous said...

First post but I feel the need to clarify here...

Joe does not find it cute when the critters make their way onto the table or counters. Joe is in India. The inmates have obviously taken over the asylum in his absence.

Things will be straight once papa gets home


woolanthropy said...

hahahahaha...can't wait for you to get home Nurse Ratchet!

DarcyArtsy said...

No wonder you can't go to Disneyland, you have got your own amusement park full of characters!

Bitterbetty said...

Good luck with Joe.. sounds like he could give you ore trouble than the critters!


sappmama said...

How I miss Charissa and the babies the end of this post? All so cute!