Monday, January 21, 2008

Love is all we need

This birthday had a rocky start. Not because I was getting another year older but because the thin icy sheet over my reality pond on which I skate, gave way, and revealed a place of hurt, loss, and abandonment. This startling plunge of reality left me a little bewildered and a little lost. I am using the diminutive but the void was deep. I was ready to pass this birthday with little fanfare and try to find a protective cave to wallow in.

However, I have fierce friends, who wouldn't dream of not celebrating my birthday. They took my hand and held me up and made me smile. Carla, my sweet, started banging on pots, making some calls, and sending some emails and a party was in the making. On the actual day of my birthday she took me to lunch at Eat Well (yum!) and then we went shopping at Loehmann's. The post-shopping pick-us-up was a trip to Pinkberry. A small, regular, with strawberries and chocolate chips. It was the perfect topper to a lovely afternoon. Later that evening my friends, Mitch and Joey, took me to a delicious dinner at Cheebo. I was feted and well fed from morning until night in the company of good friends.

The snappy, whipped up soirée took place on Friday night at the Urban Craft Center. We had a class with teachers, Carolyn and Jamie, and needle felted! What is needle felting you ask? You take some wool fluff and a sharp needle, start poking, apply more woolly fluff, keep poking and voilà have a cupcake, or an egg, or a penguin.

I have been working on this post for too long. Trying to organize pictures and more importantly my thoughts. You can find pictures and posts here and here.

What I want to say is a big THANK YOU! After a crafty night with good friends my heart was full. I felt loved. I am truly grateful that I have good friends and that they brighten my days. I went to bed very happy and I woke up with as much enthusiasm and good feelings as when I went to bed. We talked about the party for the next two days. We marveled that we made something out of nothing and that it was so damned cute. I also want to thank everyone who called and posted and emailed me good wishes on my birthday. In spite of how it started my birthday was great and it's all because of good friends and people like you.

Big Hugs and Kisses to you all!


Christie said...

Happy belated! I just have to say...YOU'RE 41?!?! Jeez, when I met you [once at SNB Weho] I thought you were about 23. :)

sappmama said...


And look what Christie said!


Hey, I miss you. Come home, even though you just left. :)

Ellen Bloom said...

You are talented, smart, beautiful and people like you!!!!

Stuart Smalley

woolanthropy said...

Christie...I love you! 23...get out of here! You made my day.

Thanks for reminding me Stuart!

Be home soon.

Christie said...

It's totally true! I thought, oh my gosh, she's so cute and sassy!