Friday, January 04, 2008

Dog Walk #2

This walk was not as painful as the first walk. I had to hurry because rain was a comin'. The big dog is more easy going and didn't guilt trip me when I came back from the walk. Tomorrow if it is raining he won't mind. Miss Tank doesn't like to get her paws wet. She's a dainty, lady like pup and pain in the patoot.

But now I have to deal with Wiggs aka Mr. Pee Kitty. He peed on the bed last night. I think I have written that my newest coverlet since the bed debacle in September is a blue tarp. Camping grade, holes for stakes, blue tarp. It is very fashion forward for the bed room. But he found a little space at the end of the bed where he could actually pee on the comforter with all the bad kitty meanness he could muster. I have no idea what spurred this piss episode. The litterbox is clean as of yesterday morning. I doesn't really get much fresher than that. I have been giving out lots of love and still I get a bedtime surprise and laundry at midnight.

Today I bought a bigger blue tarp. I need to wash the other smaller blue tarp. This one really covers every inch of the bed. I hope this works.

If anyone has any helpful tips on what to do with my bad ass cat I would appreciate it. I am at wits end and am about to send him out into the world as coyote bait. For now he gets a trip to the vet for a check up and I can post this picture in hopes to humiliate him on the world wide web.



WineGrrl said...

He might have a UTI...we had a cat who did this a lot who had one.

Knitzo said...

Uh oh. We also lived with a tarp on our bed last spring for a few months. Magellan was having anxiety issues so the vet gave us a prescription for Valium. We gave him half a tablet every couple of days for a few weeks and then he was fine. Not that I'm a big advocate for medicating my children but the laundry at midnight not to mention sleeping on the air mattress for several nights in a row (since the bacteria-eating pet odor eliminator takes 24-48 hours to dry!) I've also found that our cats are reluctant to approach anything with a strong smell like lavender or citrus so maybe spraying the bed lightly will discourage Wiggs?

woolanthropy said...

Thank you for the suggestions. I am taking him to the vet to check for UTI/kidney failure etc... My friend is sending me a cat pheromone air freshener that is supposed to calm cats. It sounds crazy but she has crazy cats too. She says it works. I'll let you know.

sappmama said...

I want a cat pheromone air freshener. For myself.