Thursday, December 17, 2009

One more day

by Jonathan Gill

There is one more day of boot camp. After tomorrow I will have gone everyday for three weeks. 15 days of running, jumping, lunging, lifting weights, holding up my own body weight, crunches, sweating and hauling myself around the park in various ways, in rain and sunshine, in mud and on concrete, I have done it all. In general I am feeling good. The body has toned up. I have made a new friend. It has been a good experience. It's nice to be able to commit to something for the short term and while it has been challenging it was never something I couldn't really do. Maybe something a person in their right mind wouldn't sign up for but it was never something I wasn't capable of doing. This morning the hubby told me he was proud of me and definitely made it worth it.

There were a couple of things I didn't like about the experience, which mainly involved the teacher. She seems to have lost the passion for it (assuming she had it in the first place) and creating a group dynamic. However the best day was this past Monday when we had a relay race. Everyone was in a seated chair position against the wall, but sans the chair and just relying on your burning, quivering thighs to hold you in place. The first person had to run across the field and back before the next person could go and start running across the field and back. You get the picture. We had eight people lined up. The fifth girl to run, literally ran like the wind. She was super fast. I started whooping and hollering and cheering her on because being the seventh person against the wall my thighs were screaming and I appreciated her quickness. Then other people started cheering her on and something about the exercise changed. Most days I am the slowest runner but since this was a race I turned it up a notch and ran as fast as I could because there was one more person waiting to run. Finally we had some camaraderie as a group which had never happened in the previous days or since. It's kind of a shame.

The thing I love the most is being outside and exercising, even on the rainy days. It kind of makes me want to sign up again for the next session even though I am not in love with the teacher. Strange, right? I have a couple of weeks to figure that out, but for now there is light at the end of the tunnel. One more day of boot camp and I am done. Now to call and book an appointment for a massage. My body is screaming for some laying on of hands to relieve these stiff and sore muscles. Woohoo one more day!

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