Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How do they know?

How do they know where your yarny projects are?
Why do they want to take a nap in your projects?

It's awfully cute until you come home and find that once cute sleeping snugglepuss has barfed all over your projects. Of course, I had already joked with Carla that I had found Wiggs nestled in my granny squares on the table and that he better not barf on them. Well, I know my cat too well and he did barf. Also on the top of the dog's head and down his back.

Yes, the cat is still alive. He was not fed to the coyotes. The projects and dog have been washed and are no worse for the experience. Secretly I think Bodhi kind of liked it. Now my projects are covered with foil and Wiggs has not been back on the table.

Boot Camp - Day 3
1. Not impressed with the instructor. She doesn't know my name. She has never asked what my goals are or if I have any injuries or issues she should know about. She never corrects form or tells you what muscles you should be concentrating on or feeling while doing the exercises. She never gives modifications for the exercises according to people's levels. I am not impressed, can you tell? She does know how to count to twenty.
2. Even though I bought new running shoes yesterday, I was slower than yesterday :(
(I am a gazelle. I am a gazelle.)

1. 3 days down
2. Laying on my back and looking up into the big, beautiful sky.

When's the last time you laid back and looked into the sky? Not a glimpse while walking around, but laying on the ground and looking into the sky and watching the clouds roll by? It sure had been a while since I found myself in such a position. It was a little bit surprising at first, looking into the big gray clouds in the expanse of sky as I got ready to do crunches. It was stunning. If and when you get a chance I suggest you try it because it is a true and simple pleasure. A true and simple pleasure. Just looking into the sky. It was the best part of my day.

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