Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day Memories Thru an Old Lens

Yesterday, in the rush out of the door to get to the festivities, I forgot my camera. Instead of getting all bothered I downloaded a new app for my iphone called the Hipstamatic, whose tag line is digital photography never looked so analog. The results are nostalgic and slightly faded yet the events happened yesterday afternoon.

We all arrived at my Aunt & Uncle's house at the same time with arms full of food and boxes of presents.

The table centerpiece was very festive with fresh roses and vintage choir members.

The tree was trimmed in mostly red and white.

My Aunt has many vintage ornaments that don the tree. This little elf actually has a "made in Japan" sticker on his back.

After some appetizers, drinks, and socializing, we opened presents. There were nine of us all together, a pretty small group, so we took turns opening our presents to make it last as long as possible and enjoy all the gifts and the happy faces.

The sides: Peas & Asparagus, Yams with Apples

Au Gratin Potatoes and Honey Baked Ham
In my mind these two things go together like right and left feet. It's a classic combination that makes my taste buds sing.

Speaking of singing, after dessert we retired to the living room where Roy broke out the autoharp. We sang Christmas carols and it was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

Today, both the hubby and I have the sniffles. This morning has been spent watching Sherlock Holmes on TCM and snoozing on the couch. The prescription for the day is lots of rest and liquids and laying about.

I hope your yesterday was fun and lively and full of love and your today and tomorrow is full of peace.

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