Thursday, December 31, 2009

byebye '09

Yesterday I got to spend time with my boys, Tyler and Andre. Be still my heart...Andre wants to learn how to knit a beanie and that required a trip to the Stitch Cafe for yarn and needles. When we got home we all knitted up some swatches while practicing our stitches and listened to Bob Marley.

When Uncle Joe got home the boys played Axis & Allies.

While I made Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Taking over the world is serious business, so we interrupted the game for dinner at Cheebo. After dinner, the boys finished the game. Uncle Joe, playing Germany, won by taking Moscow. Then we all played all the Wii until after 11pm. It was a fun night hanging out at home.

Today we all went to China Town, where we picked up a bonsai tree for Tyler as part of his Christmas present. For lunch, we walked over to Phillipe's and ate everything in sight. Then we took a stroll to Union Station and were in awe over its grandeur. What a beautiful train station. Just being in the train station made me itch to hop on a train and get out of town. Now we are all sprawled out on the couch and watching Up. What a sweet movie.

Today was the just the most perfect way to end a pretty danged good year. Me and the boys walking in the sunshine and enjoying each other. Yep, pretty perfect.

I am off to join them on the couch.

I hope your year ends on a sweet note.

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