Friday, December 11, 2009

Deck the Door

The other day I picked up a pine wreath at Trader Joe's. It smelled so good I couldn't resist. Now it needed some decorations and crocheted snowflakes seemed to be the call. Attic24 had posted her snowflakes earlier and that's where I started. My first snowflake was made with Vanna's white yarn but the snowflake turned out thick and bulkier than I wanted. Then I remembered my fabulous Noro Silk Garden sock yarn in cream and thought this would do the trick for a slightly more vintage and delicate look. I love they way they turned out. While at Target some time back I had picked up some rustic owls and perched them among the branches. A little pop of red ~Noel~ was added and the wreath was done. Usually I lean more to the tinselly-side of Christmas but I really like the rustic simplicity of the wreath this year.

Now with a wreath at the door it is time to turn to the interior of the house. Hopefully we will be getting a tree today. It doesn't really feel like Christmas until there is a tree in the house and some decorations and of course presents! I have been shopping but I am behind in the making and the days are blowing by. I feel I am not alone in this predicament. Tally Ho!

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