Friday, January 23, 2009

Dog Pimp

Look at these adorable jail with no get out of jail free card.

Here's the dealio. These 6 Black Lab Mix puppies were found in the middle of the road. They are is desperate need of homes. The person who found them doesn't have the space for such a big brood (no yard) and has been unsuccessful at finding a no kill shelter or rescue willing to take them (no room at the Inn). If you know of anyone looking to adopt a pup contact me. I can hook you up with an adorable pup.

Dog Pimp

This is an urban legend that has been going around for about 10 years. I was verifying the contact info with my cousin when she sent me this

SOooooI am going to write a happy ending for these about 10 year old dogs. They all were adopted. They are entering in to their golden years and have been enjoying the love of good two leggers in their forever homes with annual check-ups, daily walks, and many a tennis ball to chase after.

Thanks dog lovers for your good wishes and loving hearts.
The Ex-Dog Pimp

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