Monday, April 21, 2008

Button, Button

Button sorting is good fun!
button sort


Really it is! I needed to find some red buttons for a project I am working on. While watching HGTV I sorted buttons for over an hour. It was lots of fun finding the treasures within the giant button jar that my friend Charissa gave me for my birthday. I had piles of brass buttons, buttons by color, strange buttons, debris, beads and even buckles. There is still more sorting to do and then the hardest part of all will be finding a place where I can see them all for inspiration and use. We are spatially challenged at our house. It was a simple yet rewarding task playing with my buttons.


Ellen Bloom said...

Ugh. Storage. I inherited my MIL's button collection. She kept it all in a see-thru plastic fishing tackle drawer-like cabinet. It could possible hang on the wall. Get over to the hardware store for inspiration!

DarcyArtsy said...

I have always loved buttons from when I was a kid. Grandma had a great election.
Hey is it Earth Day yet?! lol

sappmama said...

I like the photos, too!