Saturday, March 22, 2008

Warning: Gushing & Mush

YAY! I made it to Texas. Everything went well except my luggage didn't make it. What happens that the luggage doesn't make it? Who the hell knows what they do behind the scenes at the airport.

The new mama picked me up in the new family wagon, new car smell and all, and I was off to meet Cookie and Kiss. I got in the house and there was papa holding two of the smallest people I have ever seen with my very own eyes. In my excitement I remembered to wash my hands but I was also a little scared. Little, itty, bitty babies. I knew they were small. 4lbs small, but I was totally unprepared to see how small they were in person. The camera put on a good two pounds on those babies, I swear.

Cookie & Kiss are totally perfect & tiny human beings. They are the smallest, sweetest things I have ever wrapped my arms around. I held both of them at the same time. Plus a couple of doxies climbed in my lap too. It was a total lovefest. I am totally in love! Their fingernails are the size of sesame seeds and I am not exaggerrating. Tiny little perfect fingernails the size of sesame seeds. And long fingers...some gecko, primordial lizardlike trait with matching long toes. They will be maestros at piano or rock climbing. Sweet dispositions. Baggy little knees. Hungry little mouths. Loud tiny bottoms. Just perfection.

I warned you there would be gushings and mushings. I have been completely taken by these very teeny individuals. I haven't even had time to take pictures because I am so busy staring and holding and loving up these babies.


sappmama said...

Oh! So sweet!

What a couple of characters those two are. They're wrapping you around their tiny gecko fingers!

Anonymous said...

Charissa's cousin here,

POST PICTURES!!! Please. :)